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Why founders choose us

2 seniors, 1 fee

Hiring full-time senior financials is expensive. We provide you a dedicated CFO and controller for an attractive fixed monthly fee.

Part of the Team

Many financial parties feel distant to you. We sit in your office one to two days a week and are available via Slack or phone the rest of the days.


Sufficient capacity and knowledge at any time,  with a flexible contract for accounting, controlling and CFO expertise. Cancelled or scaled-up easily.

Dealing with financial growing pains?

Rapid growth results in:

You’re stuck
in the financial services gap

But who helps you to get out?

Bookkeeper (internal or external)

Hire a CFO and/or Controller

Use the Fastlane to structured finance

Your Plug ‘n Play Finance Team


+ AdminHub

Your start-up friendly bookkeeper

Per hour



A controller & CFO as your inhouse finance colleagues

Starting at*


Dependent on:
  • Complexity of finance (IT) infrastructure
  • Complexity of Order to cash, Purchase to pay and Record to Report processes


+ DashWise

Your real-time financial dashboard for informed decision-making

Per month


What founders say about EBITWISE

Jasper Alblas

Founder and CEO of Jasper Alblas

FinOps provides corporate-level finance expertise in a way that fits the fast-moving scale-up world.

Tessa Duste

Founding Partner of MOSS Amsterdam

FinOps is a must-have for every start or scale-up that can’t hire a full-time CFO yet.

Bart van der Werf

Founder of Innovation Boosters

FinOps was crucial in getting us the right financial insight needed to secure our last round of funding.

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