New record Dutch venture capital for the first quarter

New record Dutch venture capital for the first quarter

Investments in Dutch start-ups rose to a new record in the first quarter of this year. During the first three months of 2022, 1.03 billion euros in investment capital was raised, compared to 715 million euros in venture capital during the first quarter of 2021.

This is the result of our analysis of investment news from the past quarter, written by Dutch business media and on company pages of the startups and scaleups involved, including their profiles on LinkedIn, Crunchbase and Dealroom. EBITWISE hade made all stats available online to any interested party, for downloading or further enrichment of the data.

Mobility solutions One of the notable Dutch investments has been the 62.2 million euros of venture capital for Dott, an Amsterdam micro-mobility company that saw its Series B size to be increased to € 133 million in total. Dott is an example of a series of sustainable and on-demand Dutch mobility solutions that recently received funding, including scooter sharing platform Check and last-mile carrier app Packaly, which raised EUR 10 million and EUR 2.4 million in the past quarter.

The willingness to invest in sustainable and on-demand solutions is a global trend, as also is the case for other Dutch solutions that raised capital in the first quarter. Investors mainly invested in Dutch startups and scaleups that are active in the field of biotech, sustainable energy, AI, Web 3.0, agritech, food health and employee experience (such as Crunchr, Quan Well-Being, Pro Parents).

60+ undisclosed investments

In the spreadsheet we have open-sourced, you will find more than 60 companies, out of a total of 185 that raised an investment, but kept deal size undisclosed. In short, as always applies to this type of quarterly report: the actual total amount of money raised is much higher.

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